Statement By Senator Dale M. Volker On Budget Overrides

William T. Stachowski

April 26, 2006

(ALBANY, N.Y.) "Today’s budget overrides by the State Assembly and State Senate, represent a tremendous victory for the residents of New York State. Without question, we have protected our taxpayers by providing millions of dollars to reduce their tax burden, increase funding for their local school districts, provided millions in tuition assistance so that their children can attend college, and ensured that quality health care remains accessible and affordable. With an approximate $5 billion surplus, it is absolutely wrong for the State of New York not to give it back to the people that pay for the operation of State Government and the programs that people rely upon."

"We are taxed too much and too often, and our taxpayers demand tax relief. As we move forward, I will not back down in providing needed tax relief for our residents. I have been in the State Legislature for many years, and I have seen Governors come and go. One thing remains constant though, no Governor has ever become a dictator over the State Legislature, and they never will. It is a system of checks and balances, not a benevolent dictatorship."