Statement From Senator Dale M. Volker On Governor Spitzer's Proposal To Allow Illegal Immigrants N.y.s. Drivers Licenses & Voting Rights

William T. Stachowski

October 22, 2007

(DEPEW, NY) The Governor’s new twist on giving Illegal Aliens legal New York State’s Drivers Licenses just became more troublesome. Now, Governor Spitzer is proposing a plan that will permit illegal aliens to register to vote at the time they apply for a legal New York State License. Once an illegal alien has a drivers license, he or she can register to vote with no verification. This inconceivable mandate from Governor Spitzer would open up the door to massive voter fraud and tainting the election process - the very foundation of our democracy. Governor Spitzer’s plan would give people who are in this State and this country illegally, the same rights as every one else - not just the right to drive, but also the opportunity to register to vote. This is just simply wrong.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles just rescinded an order so social security numbers are no longer required to get motor-voter registration forms from DMV when someone applies for a license. Directly contradicting a memo issued earlier this month that a social security number be required for a motor-voter form. This flip-flop of protocol is simply dangerous from both a national security standpoint, as well as from a voter fraud perspective.

We are currently witnessing a breakdown of enormous proportions. It is saddening that Governor Spitzer’s refuses to listen to over 75% of the public who vehemently oppose the Governor’s Illegal Aliens Driver License Program. The Governor’s new proposal that would make it almost impossible to stop illegal voting from illegal aliens will almost certainly see similar viewpoints of opposition. Governor Spitzer calls those who oppose this shortsighted proposals "The Rabid Right" and "Fear Mongers." This is unfortunate as those who oppose his policies come from all demographics and political persuasions--Republicans, Democrats, Men and Women. Name calling has no place in this debate.

We must listen to the experts, listen to the people, and look at the disaster this idea has been in other states. I urge the Governor to rescind his plan because it is clearly wrong for New York’s security needs as well as the integrity of our election process.