Statement From Senator Dale M. Volker On Governor Spitzer's Proposal To Allow Illegal Immigrants N.y.s. Drivers Licenses

William T. Stachowski

September 21, 2007

(DEPEW, NY) Today’s edict by Governor Spitzer providing New York State Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens is problematic, a complete disregard for homeland security, and should be a concern for all New Yorkers. Circumventing the State Legislature on this important public policy matter is wrong, and smacks in the face of our democratic institutions.

The attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 are still fresh on our minds and the facts regarding the terrorist hijackers who participated in these premeditated attacks were clear--they had at least 35 licenses that assisted them in acquiring rental cars and opening bank accounts that provided them resources to carry out their crimes. To outright dismiss the security needs of our state and nation and provide illegal aliens legal documentation is dangerous and inconceivable. Governor Spitzer should not view New York State Drivers License’s like Baseball Cards--handing them out just to score political points.

Are there more important issues facing New York than granting New York State Drivers Licenses to Illegal Aliens? When I talk to the constituents that I represent they mention job creation, lowering taxes, and making sure that they and their families can feel safe in their communities.

In 2002, Governor Pataki issued an Executive Order that required driver’s license applicants to submit Social Security numbers to prove that they were legal residents, or to provide proof that they were not eligible for a Social Security Number. This information was cross-checked with federal databanks to ensure that the information was valid and confirmed. I supported this policy and firmly believe that Governor Pataki was correct in making sure that those acquiring legal New York documentation are legally entitled to these important official identification records.