Total Support for UB 2020 Still Lacking

September 25, 2009

BUFFALO, NY (WBFO) - UB president John Simpson made a passionate plea Wednesday asking the community to rally around UB 2020. Simpson's annual address to the community painted a bleak picture of what the region faces if UB's ambitious plans aren't realized. But not everyone is completely on board with the university's vision.

UB clearly already has its cheerleaders. The room was filled with many who have worked for years along side UB to push its aggressive agenda. And why not? The pay-off they say is big. It's estimated that planned UB expansion could create more than 10,000 more jobs and bring thousands of people downtown every day to work, live and shop. Andrew Rudnick with the Buffalo Niagara Partnership said the business community is firmly behind UB 2020.

But not everyone feels as passionately about the plan.

State Senator William Stachowski said other SUNY campuses are howling about the UB 2020 bill that is sitting in the Assembly. Stoneybrook, Binghamton and Albany say they should be able to reap the same rewards of proposed reforms that would give UB greater financial flexibility. Stachowski said the bill might need to be more inclusive.

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