Subway Shooting Victim Leans on New NY Law to Take Glock to Court

June 14, 2022

Originally published in Gothamist on June 14, 2022.

A lawsuit filed by one of the victims in the Sunset Park subway shooting could be a test case for a new state law that intends to make it easier to take gun companies to court in New York.

State Sen. Zellnor Myrie sponsored the bill that legalized civil suits against the gun industry in New York. He doesn’t know if it’s the best option to curb violence. But, in a moment when people are searching for solutions, he said it is one viable way to address the problem.

“Unfortunately, bad actions by industries and corporations are usually not resolved by the good will of a CEO or the good will of an industry leader,” Myrie says. “The unfortunate reality is that they are often forced to change their practices by way of litigation.”

Myrie thinks companies that are doing what they can to ensure their guns aren’t used to kill people have nothing to worry about. If they can’t do business without putting people at high risk for victimization, he says, then they ought to change their practices. Otherwise, he doesn’t want their guns in New York.