Texas Abortion Law Still Faces Questions After Roe v. Wade’s Demise

Laura Kusisto

December 30, 2022

Originally published in The Wall Street Journal on December 30, 2022.

Allowing private parties to sue abortion providers for monetary damages upended judicial review


In New York, state Sen. Zellnor Myrie, a Democrat, has proposed a bill for the state’s coming legislative session that would empower private citizens to sue fossil-fuel companies for their contributions to climate change, an attempt to position such claims squarely in state court and avoid some of the jurisdictional battles that have hampered climate-change litigation. 

“I understand why some of my friends on this side of the aisle might feel this is a dangerous path to walk down,” Mr. Myrie said. But the urgency of climate changes means “it is incumbent on every legislator that has the capacity and the ability to act,” he added.