Sen. Espaillat Calls on Attorney General to Issue Opinion on Republican Power Grab in Senate

Today, New York State Senator Adriano Espaillat (D – 31st District) issued a request to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, asking him to offer an official opinion on the Senate Republicans’ attempt to strip the lieutenant governor of a his role as the tie-breaking vote in the Senate.

Sen. Espaillat cited the state constitution (Article IV, Section 6), which clearly delineates the lieutenant governor’s role. Sen. Espaillat’s action comes in response to the Senate Republicans’ attempt last week to ram through a bill that Sen. Espaillat believes is unconstitutional.

“An attempt to transfer power away from the lieutenant governor is not simply wrong and disingenuous, it is a blatant violation of our constitution,” wrote Sen. Espaillat. “The Republican leadership did not pass a law in both bodies of the legislature and bring it up for public referendum, the legally acceptable process for amending the constitution. Instead, they tried to rush through a swift, sneaky power grab, hoping New Yorkers wouldn’t take notice.

See the complete letter attached.