Sen. Espaillat Praises Campaign Finance Findings, Calls for Immediate Implementation of Campaign Finance Reform

Report demonstrates that full campaign finance reform would cost New Yorkers less than $2 per year

New York State Senator Adriano Espaillat (D – Manhattan/Bronx) released the following statement in response to new findings demonstrating that campaign finance reform, including public matching funds, would not be cost prohibitive for New Yorkers. The report was released by the non-partisan Campaign Finance Institute.  

“Our Democracy belongs to the people; not the power brokers who donate large checks to political campaigns. That’s why we must enact full campaign finance reform with public funding to limit the influence of Big Money in elections. The non-partisan Campaign Finance Institute report demonstrates that publicly funded campaigns and serious limits for large contributions to candidates will significantly limit the influence of special interests, lobbyists, and wealthy donors, at a minimal cost to New York’s tax payers. For less than $2 a year, New Yorkers will get a democracy that works for them, and not the Big Money interests that increasingly decide who wins and loses elections.

“I am proud to support full campaign finance reform, including the public funding of elections and strong limits for contributions by wealthy donors and special interests. I urge my colleagues to work together and immediately implement full campaign finance reform so that our government can once again truly be for the people, by the people, and no longer be for sale to the highest bidder.”

- Senator Adriano Espaillat


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