Senator Adriano Espaillat, Environmental Advocates of New York, and Local Residents Call for Better Environmental Protections

Adriano Espaillat

October 05, 2011

(New York, NY) – New York State Senator Adriano Espaillat (D – Manhattan/Bronx) was joined by the Environmental Advocates of New York, local activists, and residents in calling for better protections for the environment. The town hall-style meeting was a joint effort by Senator Espaillat and the Environmental Advocates of New York, one of the most prominent environmental watchdog groups in the state.

 The event featured a discussion of some of the most important environmental issues on hand, including hydrofracking, the controversial drilling process that many believe will put New York’s environment in peril. The process involves high-pressure injection of water, sand, and toxic chemicals into underground shale to the point of fracture, releasing deposits of natural gas. The state is currently considering how to allow companies to utilize the drilling method in New York.

 Senator Adriano Espaillat, who has taken a strong position against allowing hydrofracking in New York, called for the state think twice before permitting natural gas companies to drill using this controversial technique. “I believe hydrofracking should be outlawed all together,” said Senator Espaillat. “But if it is it to continue, the state must move slowly and deliberately in conducting a through environmental review and a highly scrutinized permitting process that opens way for only a limited number of new drilling permits.”

 In addition to hydrofracking, participants engaged in a discussion of the general state of our environment and how New Yorkers can help preserve the quality of our land water and air. Senator Espaillat and other local elected officials called for stronger protections and better notification systems that check environmental degradation and prevent pollution.

 “Our shared environment is facing some significant challenges right now, not the least of which is the threat of dirty gas drilling called fracking,” said David Gahl, Deputy Director of the Environmental Advocates of New York. “New York’s air, land, water, and wildlife are fortunate to have legislators like Senator Espaillat in their corner.”