Biaggi-Sponsored Bill to Mandate Charters Provide Feminine Hygiene Products Passed by Senate Today

The Senate passed Bill S3125 today, confirming a mandate that public schools provide feminine hygiene products includes charter schools. Senator Alessandra Biaggi (D - Bronx/Westchester) was the sponsor.

Senator Biaggi said, “I commend the Governor’s ‘Women’s Agenda’ that, among other things, mandated in the 2018-19 budget that public schools provide feminine hygiene products.

“This bill we passed today is very simple. It solidifies and confirms the public health law includes charter schools in the aforementioned mandate. This is needed to make two things crystal clear: menstruation ​is​ a public health matter, and charter schools​ are​ public schools.

“Reinforcing these truths will help school-age girls and women who attend charter schools in my district, and throughout the state, to fully take part in their educational experience.”