Weik Leads Senators in Call to Cancel Regents Exams

Alexis Weik

April 27, 2022

State Senator Alexis Weik (R-C, Sayville) is today leading her Senate colleagues in calling on the state to cancel upcoming Regents exams scheduled for June and August.

Senator Weik sent a letter, signed by 18 members of the Senate’s Republican Conference, to state Education Commissioner Betty Rosa and the Chancellor of the education policy-setting Board of Regents, that cited the special challenges in light of the Covid pandemic in preparing for the exams.

"Remote learning, social distancing and other precautionary measures have all posed special challenges for student learning, and with regard to their ability to meet stringent testing and other requirements necessary to achieve a Regents diploma,” the Senators wrote, noting that the Regents have canceled the tests for the past two years, most recently in January.

“The increased stress that Covid placed on students, mounted on top of the challenge of preparing for these make-or-break exams has proven in some cases too heavy a burden for even the most accomplished students. Suspending the Regents exams at this time is the right decision for students’ academic success, health and well-being,” the Senators said.

The Education Department has scheduled a total of 10 Regents exams between June 1 and June 24, and nine additional tests on August 16 and 17. In order for students to graduate, they need to achieve a satisfactory score on a set number of Regents exams but, until now, the state has waived the testing requirement during the pandemic.