Permit Parking for East Yonkers Neighborhood Signed Into Law; Residents near Yonkers Raceway gain access to parking close to home

Andrea Stewart-Cousins

June 05, 2009

              Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D/WF-Yonkers) and Assemblyman Mike Spano (D/C/WF-Yonkers) held a press conference today announcing that legislation they sponsored has been signed into law by Governor David Paterson. The legislation establishes a residential permit parking system near Yonkers Raceway/Empire City.They were joined by the Lincoln Park Taxpayers Association and other local residents.

“Residents who live near Yonkers Raceway face a lack of street parking near their homes, which is inconvenient and potentially dangerous,” Spano said. “I am pleased to have worked with Senator Stewart-Cousins and local residents to solve this long-standing problem and help make the neighborhood a better place to live.”

“Passage of this legislation was extremely important to the residents of the area surrounding the Raceway who continuously have difficulty parking where they live.  I was pleased to sponsor the bill which provides a solution to this ongoing problem,” Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins stated.   

Permit parking will be available to residents on five streets and approximately 260 homes near Yonkers Raceway/Empire City including Belmont Avenue, Boone Street, Clark Street, Chamberlain Avenue and Loring Avenue.

Local residents face a lack of street parking because Yonkers Raceway/Empire City customers often take up their parking spaces. There have also been reports of littering and excessive noise from Raceway patrons. The parking permit system will help keep the streets safer and cleaner, thereby preserving the quality of life of this residential community, Spano said.

"I want to thank Assemblyman Spano and Senator Stewart-Cousins for taking care of the concerns of the residents of this area,” said Lorriane Palais, President of the Lincoln Park Taxpayers Association.“This legislation will help cut down on late night noise and litter, and keep parking available for residents; all of which contributes to keeping our neighborhood a wonderful place to live and raise families."