Press Release: Citing Frustration over Common Core Implementation, Senator Stewart-Cousins Will Vote Against Incumbent Regents

Andrea Stewart-Cousins

March 07, 2014

Albany, NY - Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins announced she will be voting against four incumbent members of the Board of Regents that are up for re-confirmation by the State legislature this year. The Senator cited the anger and frustration of parents with the Regents’ handling of the Common Core roll-out and the need for accountability as reasons for her vote against the four incumbents.

“I have attended events and held meetings with constituents throughout my district and the overwhelming frustration with the Common Core roll-out is clear,” said Senator Stewart-Cousins. “These four individual Regents are good people, but it is hard for me to support incumbents who were unable to recognize the need to reevaluate the flawed implementation of Common Core. I support the concept of raising standards and improving accountability, but as someone who was educated in public schools, taught in public schools and sent children to public schools, I understand the anger that parents, educators and students feel towards this process. The Board of Regents should be a body that is able to assess a situation and react accordingly and there has to be accountability for them as well.”

The New York State Board of Regents is comprised of 17 members who are elected by the Legislature to serve 5 year terms. There is one member of the board for each of the State’s thirteen judicial districts and four at-large members. In order to be elected to the Board of Regents, an individual must be nominated by the Assembly Majority and confirmed by a majority vote in both houses of the State Legislature.

Christine Cea, from Staten Island, James Jackson, from Albany and two at-large members - James Cottrell of Brooklyn and Wade Norwood of Rochester - are the four incumbent Regents up for re-election this year.