Press Release: Senate Democratic Conference To Unveil Legislative Package To Combat Heroin Epidemic

Andrea Stewart-Cousins

April 28, 2014

The Senate Democratic Conference will announce the introduction of six bills to combat the growing heroin epidemic impacting communities throughout New York State. These six pieces of legislation will  increase penalties for selling opioids that result in death, equip first responders with overdose-stopping drugs, require health insurance providers to cover rehabilitation and anti-addiction medications, create a teen heroin abuse PSA campaign and provide opioid rehabilitation services in communities.

WHO: Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Senator Neil Breslin, Senator Terry Gipson, Senator Velmanette Montgomery, Senator Kevin Parker, Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk, Patricia Farrell, Who Lost Her Daughter to Heroin Addiction, Albany County District Attorney David SoareS, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, Members of the New York State Senate Democratic Conference

WHEN: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 1:15 PM

WHERE: Senate Democratic Conference Room, Room 315 Capitol, Albany