Senate Majority Passes "Earth Day 2010" Environmental Agenda

The State Senate Democratic Majority passed their “Earth Day 2010” package which will enhance New York’s stature as a “green” leader in a 21st Century economy, and implement protections to reduce waste and pollution, making New York a healthier and more vibrant state for generations to come.

Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D-35th District) said, "I am pleased to stand with my colleagues in support of legislation that will establish statewide recycling programs, ban the use of dangerous chemicals in daycare facilities and inform consumers about the environmental impact of products they purchase. As millions across the nation celebrate Earth Day later this week, New Yorkers can also be proud of the progress made towards adopting policies to protect our environment and cultivate new jobs based on green technology for future generations."

There is historic significance to this legislative package beyond what the bills themselves are accomplishing, as April 20th is the 20th anniversary of Earth Day Lobby Day in Albany, and Thursday is the 40th Anniversary of national Earth Day. Despite these successes, this is the first time that passage of environmental legislation has been taken up by the Legislature marking Earth Day – a testament to how the Majority has embraced their role as stewards to the environment....

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