Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins Delivers Keynote Address Encouraging Young Women to Run for Office

Andrea Stewart-Cousins

June 08, 2010

Saturday evening, June 5, New York State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins delivered the keynote address at the White House Project’s annual “Go Run” civic and political leadership training for women.The multi-day program sponsored by the White House Project is part of an initiative called, “Vote, Run, Lead,” intended to engage women in the political process as voters, activists and candidates through trainings, inspiration and professional networking.  

According to Senator Stewart-Cousins, “There are currently only 51 women out of a possible 212 elected positions in both houses of the entire State Legislature.  Women actually make up the larger portion of the population of New York and our entire nation.  I have and will always continue to advocate for empowerment of women in government and politics at all levels.” 

The keynote address given at the “Go Run” portion of the multi-day program was at the end of a day of trainings led by national experts, where various workshops were dedicated to providing future candidates with the skills to run for office and win.  The Senator’s speech was aimed at inspiring a richly diverse group of women to enter public service.    

“The participation of young adults in government and politics is essential to the next generation of leadership.  I can certainly attest to how challenging it can be running for public office for the first time. I hope that sharing my experiences in running for office will serve as a resource for our future leaders,” said Senator Stewart-Cousins

Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins was chosen to deliver this speech as she exemplifies the qualities and convictions of a leader. Andrea Stewart-Cousins’ work in Westchester County and New York State has underscored her understanding and commitment to the need for increased participation among women at every level of government and politics.