Senator Stewart-Cousins: Governor signs “Jimmy Nolan’s Law” 9/11 workers to get the benefits they deserve

Andrea Stewart-Cousins

July 22, 2009

            Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D/WF-Westchester) announced that Governor Paterson signed “Jimmy Nolan’s Law”, extending the time that 9/11 workers can file compensation claims for injuries suffered from participating in the World Trade Center rescue, recovery or cleanup operations.

            State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D/WF – 35th District) stated, “This legislation was crucial for hundreds of men and women who sacrificed their time and health at Ground Zero to help others during the aftermath of our nation’s most horrific attacks in recent history.  His signing now during this 9/11 commemorative period reaffirms his and all New Yorkers’ gratitude for the selfless acts of countless individuals during and after the tragic events of 9/11.”

            Senator Stewart-Cousins said, “Jimmy Nolan’s Law” allows an additional one-year period for eligible workers to file claims to receive workers’ compensation. Under current law a worker has only 90 days to file a claim, but numerous “second wave” 9/11 victims – those who were affected by the hazardous dust and debris in the aftermath of the attacks– showed symptoms long after the 90-day time restriction.”

Senate bill 3325-B/Assembly bill 7122-C is named after second wave 9/11 victim Jimmy Nolan, a carpenter from Yonkers and father of three. He was working in construction at NYU when he heard about the World Trade Center attacks and immediately rushed to Ground Zero to provide any assistance he could.  He slept at the World Trade Center site for three weeks, and now suffers from wood and skin allergies as well as respiratory problems. He spends $200 a month on medications for these conditions.

“I would like to thankSenator Stewart-Cousins for getting this legislation passed,” Nolan said. “This extension will provide thousands of workers like me access to workers’ compensation benefits.”