Statement on the Public Authorities Reform Act of 2009

"Today the State of New York moves towards becoming a more transparent and open government. Public authorities such as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which have long operated with limited oversight and public scrutiny, will be more transparent and accountable to the taxpayers due to the implementation of the Public Authorities and Reform Act of 2009.

The Public Authorities Reform Act of 2009 created an Independent Authorities Budget Office, equipping it with the statutory tools necessary to require and enforce reporting mandates. Additional provisions include: vesting power in the State Comptroller to review contracts over one million dollars, improving board governance and member qualification, and clarifying reporting for lobbying activities.

The legislation is a significant and much needed step for ensuring public authorities are fiscally responsible. The accountability measures found in the Public Authorities Reform Act of 2009 prevent the potential mismanagement of taxpayer dollars."