Statement From Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins on Condominium Assessment Legislation, S1706-A

Andrea Stewart-Cousins

January 05, 2009

State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D/WF – 35th District) expressed her strong opposition to Senate Bill 1706-A, which, if enacted, would change the way the property taxes are assessed for cooperatives and condominiums in Westchester County.  “As Chair of the Senate Local Government Committee, I have made the decision not to advance this bill and have no intention to do so in the future,” Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins said.

“I strongly oppose this legislation and I will work to ensure it does not become law. While this bill is well-intentioned in its effort to address the high property taxes paid by homeowners resulting from costly payouts by local governments for certiorari claims, it utilizes a flawed approach,” stated Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins.   “A comprehensive approach to the assessment process is needed, not a piecemeal approach.” 

Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins said that high property taxes are a major concern to everyone, but there are other ways to relieve the property tax burden in our local communities that don’t unnecessarily burden our residents and place Westchester County at a competitive disadvantage with its neighboring communities.

“I will continue to work hard to reduce the property tax burden - by passing legislation which eliminates unfunded mandates, and promotes government service-sharing and property tax relief - but not at the expense of our Westchester County residents,” concluded Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins.