Senator Andrew Gounardes Launches School Supply Drive

Brooklyn, NY– Senator Andrew Gounardes launched a local school supply drive in conjunction with Council Member Justin Brannan, Congress Member Max Rose, Assembly Member Mathylde Frontus and Assembly Member Peter Abbate. The drive helps teachers set up their classrooms by gathering donated supplies from residents. The drive will last for one month, until August 15. Residents are encouraged to drop off supplies such as pens, #2 pencils, erasers, markers, staples, bookmarks, notebooks and more. Drop off locations are as follows:


NYS Senator Andrew Gounardes' District Office, 8018 Fifth Avenue

Councilman Justin Brannan and Congressman Max Rose's District Office, 8203 Third Avenue

Assemblyman Peter Abbate's District Office, 6505 Fort Hamilton Parkway

Assemblywoman Mathylde Frontus' District Office, 8525 Third Avenue

FIAO Il Centro, 8711 18th Avenue

Gerritsen beach Library, 2808 Gerritsen Avenue


“My mother has been a public teacher in our community for decades, so I grew up seeing firsthand how much teachers invest in their students and classrooms. Along with time, effort, energy and care, teachers often must use their personal salaries to set up their classrooms because of our egregiously underfunded public school system. Let’s help ensure our students have a great year by donating supplies so they can learn,” said State Senator Andrew Gounardes. 

“No classroom should be without the necessary supplies for students to learn. I am proud of the work I have done to increase reimbursement rates for our educators’ out of pocket expenses but unfortunately it is not enough. I thank my colleagues and the community for coming together with this supplies drive to help support our amazing educators so our students can continue to get the best education possible,” said Council Member Justin Brannan.

“Like Senator Gounardes, I grew up watching my mother and grandmothers pour their heart and soul into providing for their students, despite a lack of support from our public school system,” said Congressman Max Rose. “I want to thank Senator  Gounardes for leading this effort. Together with all of my colleagues in government, I look forward to working towards a day when our teachers are supported and these kinds of drives are no longer necessary.”

“I’m excited to partner with my colleagues in government to help get school supplies for the wonderful students in our communities.  We all know teachers are stretched to the limit setting up their classrooms, to provide an environment where students are focused and prepared to learn. It’s a pleasure that my colleagues and I can help families and teachers alike, so that they can concentrate on the lessons that will help our students succeed,” said Assemblymember Mathylde Frontus.

“I am pleased to work with my colleagues to assist teachers to set up their classrooms by having my office as one of the drop-off sites for school supplies for the upcoming school year. Our teachers often use their own funds to buy so many of these much needed school supplies. I encourage members of the community to donate so that our students can start the year with the materials they need to learn and prosper,” said Assemblyman Peter J. Abbate, Jr. 

"I have been teaching for 13 years. Each year I spend hundreds of dollars to decorate, stock, supply and run my classroom. It has become the norm that the majority of that money is going to come from my own pocket. The school supply drive is an incredible way to help educators prepare for the school year and lessen the amount that is taken out of their own wallet,” said Jennifer Rumfelt, 2nd grade teacher, School District 20.