Cessation of Pumpout Operations for Damaged Home Heating Oil Tanks

Andrew J. Lanza

December 06, 2012

Important Notice for NYC Residents

Dear New York City Resident,

During the initial weeks of the response to the Hurricane Sandy, it was essential for NYSDEC to work rapidly to prevent home heating oil spills from creating additional damage to the environment or presenting threats to public health.

The NYSDEC acted quickly to prevent spills by removing oil from basements and damaged tanks. As of early December, the NYSDEC’s initial emergency response actions have largely been concluded.

Beginning Wednesday, December 5, 2012 the NYSDEC will only respond to actual spills where there is recoverable petroleum or to situations that present a significant threat of a release (e.g., a petroleum tank which is damaged and in imminent danger of releasing oil). If you need to have storm water removed from an otherwise intact heating oil tank, you must contact your home heating oil company and/or insurance company.

Actual spills must be reported to the NYSDEC Oil and Hazardous Materials Spills Hotline at 800-457-7362 (the hotline is only for reporting spills and does not provide general information).

Further guidance and information on how to cleanup oil spilled inside a building can be found from the NYS Department of Health at
http://www.health.ny.gov/publications/2752.pdf and from the NYSDEC at http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/87175.html.

NYSDEC Oil and Hazardous Materials Spills Hotline (For Emergency Spill Reports Only) 1-800-457-7362