City’s Plan Will Strand & Endanger Staten Island’s Students

Andrew J. Lanza

September 07, 2010

Lanza urges The Senate Democratic Majority to pass his legislation which would require bus service for students

Earlier this month, we saw a small victory when Staten Island State Supreme Court Justice John Fusco issued a temporary restraining order, preventing the City from carrying out their ill-conceived plan to cut off  bus service for thousands of 7th and 8th grade students across Staten Island.

The City appealed to have the restraining order lifted and the State Supreme Court's Appellate Division unfortunately sided with them, ruling they need not  provide transportation for students while waiting for the court decision on the longer-term issue. This is yet another blow to the thousands of parents who have been scrambling to find ways to get their children to class in September.

The City’s plan unfairly targets and endangers Staten Island school kids. Over two-thirds of the kids affected by this decision come from Staten Island, and they live further away from school, on average, than any other students in New York City. It seems as though the only way to fix this problem now is by passing my legislation (Senate Bill S. 7059) which would require the Department of Education to provide school bus service for Staten Island’s students.  The Senate Democratic Majority has so far refused to pass my bill. I am urging them to join me now to protect the kids who have been unfairly targeted and stranded.

Please join me in this fight and make your voice heard.  Sign my online petition, and contact the Mayor and City Council and urge them to reverse this decision.