City Unveils "NYC Restore" to Provide One-stop Locations for City Recovery Services and Federal Disaster Relief

Andrew J. Lanza

November 14, 2012

City officials today unveiled NYC Restore, a comprehensive new initiative to provide one-stop locations for City recovery services and federal disaster relief.  The seven new Restoration Centers opening across the city this week will connect impacted residents and businesses with financial, health, environmental, nutritional and residential services, as well as FEMA reimbursement processing.  These centers will be an essential long-term resource to communities as they recover and rebuild.
NYC Rapid Repairs is among the services that will be available to New Yorkers who visit the Restoration Centers.  Today is the first day New Yorkers can sign up for the program, which can also be done by visiting or calling 311.  After signing up, homeowners will be contacted within 48 hours to set up a free assessment -- a home visit by licensed contractors who will review damage and create a work order for necessary repairs to make the home livable. After receiving an assessment, homeowners can choose to have the repair work done by the City’s contractors as quickly as possible. They can also choose to have the repairs done by a contractor they hire on their own, using FEMA funds.