I'm fighting for lower taxes!

Andrew J. Lanza

June 30, 2010

As I go around Staten Island, people tell me that they are frustrated and concerned. I am too. I’ve talked to so many families that are worried about the future – they want more job security, a good education and opportunities for their children.

We are fortunate to live in a great community with good schools and many great local businesses that, unfortunately, are now struggling. They, as well as families, are faced with bigger tax bills, but Democrats, who control all branches of State Government, are looking to make that tax burden grow even more.

Wasn’t it bad enough that they raised your taxes by $2400 last year to pay for more Government spending? Wasn’t it bad enough that they took away your STAR rebate check making it even tougher to pay your property taxes?

Incredibly Democrats are proposing a Budget which raises taxes again and does nothing to reign in out of control Government spending. I’ve offered alternatives to cut spending, in a bipartisan fashion, but they were rejected.

Instead of reducing taxes, the Democrats are raising them. Instead of helping businesses create new private sector jobs, they have slashed job creation programs to the bone. Those were bad choices and I voted against them because ultimately they hurt you and hurt our communities.

I’ve made it clear I’m not going to vote for any budget that raises your taxes, hikes fees, increases borrowing and does nothing to create new jobs. I will keep fighting to assure that you have a job, and that your children can find opportunity and continue to call Staten Island home. That’s what I’m fighting for in this Budget because our future depends on it.