Join the Fight to Stop The Port Authority's Toll and Fare Increase

Last week, the Port Authority unveiled a proposal that would dramatically raise tolls and fares on Staten Island’s three bridges and the busiest entries into New York City, once again punishing the commuters of Staten Island. The proposal is both absurd and insulting, and would unfairly hit the businesses and residents of Staten Island who must pay tolls to get on and off the Island.

Under the Port Authority’s proposal, drivers with E-Z Pass are facing a fifty percent increase in round-trip tolls to use the Goethals, Outerbridge, Bayonne and George Washington Bridges along with Lincoln and Holland Tunnels. Round-trip truck tolls per axle would also increase by nearly 100 percent. In both cases, the first increase would take place this September and be followed by another hike in 2014.

You can join me in the fight to stop the Port Authority’s plan by clicking here and signing my on-line petition.

The Port Authority claims that these hikes are required based upon the need for capital investments and improvements, but I would counter that there seems to be no visible improvements at our three Port Authority bridge crossings. In fact, I contend that our bridges are all in the same state of disrepair as they have been for decades and delays, especially at the Outerbridge crossing, seem more prevalent than ever. It seems ridiculous that we have the same old bridges with the same old problems and now Staten Islanders are being called upon to pay even more after seeing no service improvements.

Before the Port Authority raises tolls on these bridges, which are critically important for Staten Islanders, they should disclose more detailed financial records showing with specificity all expenditures which have been made on Staten Island’s three Port Authority Bridges. Further, the Port Authority should take another look at its budget to identify savings and review its capital plan to prioritize projects, in an effort to streamline its operations and avert these devastating hikes.

Join me in my fight to stop the Port Authority’s plan by clicking here and signing my on-line petition. The petition calls for the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey to vote down this outrageous proposal which would increases tolls on Staten Island’s bridges and the busiest entries into New York City. The petition will be presented to the Port Authority prior to the August 19th vote. 

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