Lanza, Ignizio, De Blasio & Parents Announce Victory at Ps4: Students on Autism Spectrum Are Placed in School of Their Choice

Andrew J. Lanza

March 29, 2011

The Department of Education informed elected officials today that students on the autism spectrum at PS 4 will be placed in IS 75, the school their parents have been requesting for the past year.

Senator Andrew Lanza said, "This is a real victory for parents who have children in P.S. 4's Nest program.  I applaud the Mayor and the Department of Education for listening to the parents and providing their children with this opportunity for a smooth transition into I.S. 75  where they can continue their education alongside their peers.”

PS 4 parent Elisa Gravitch said, "We couldn't have won this victory without Public Advocate Bill de Blasio.  I really want to thank the Public Advocate's office and Councilmember Ignizio and Senator Lanza for
all the work that they did for our children."

Councilmember Vincent Ignizio said, "We really need to commend the parents who just wouldnt take no for an answer.  It's easy to see why IS75 is the right location for this program, and we're all glad the D.O.E. realized that too.  There are plenty of great schools on Staten Island, but this program simply needed to be at IS75."

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio said, "This is a victory for PS 4's parents who for months stood up and demanded what was best for their children.  I applaud the Department of Education for listening to these parents and placing ASD Nest students, who are all on the autism spectrum, in the school that best fits their needs.  We must continue to
promote successful programs like ASD Nest that help students with disabilities overcome the many hurdles they face in their pursuit of a quality education.  I want to congratulate the incredible students and parents at PS 4 for making this happen and to acknowledge the work done by my colleagues in government, Councilmember Vincent Ignizio and Senator Andrew Lanza."