National Grid Offering Hurricane Sandy Recovery Assistance

National Grid is offering assistance for residential customers who have been most seriously impacted by Hurricane Sandy on Long Island and in New York City with a Customer Assistance Program. Eligible customers include property owners whose home has not been declared uninhabitable by the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) and National Grid has placed a warning tag on boilers, water heaters or furnaces, (meaning that the equipment is unsafe for relight and operation until repair or replacement is made) are eligible.

Tier 1: One-time bill credit 

For all eligible customers, National Grid will credit their natural gas bill in the amount of $150 to assist with repairs/and or replacement of damaged boilers, water heaters or furnaces. Customers need to do nothing. Customer’s equipment must have been “tagged” indicating a relight was necessary.

Tier 2: Assistance for HEAP-eligible* customers

In addition to the $150 bill credit, our most vulnerable customers receiving benefits under the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) who also meet the eligibility above may be able to receive additional assistance.

Expanded customer assistance for customers not eligible for HEAP

In addition to the $150 bill credit, our customers who did not receive HEAP benefits, but whose household income levels fall within the guidelines on the reverse side of this sheet or meet other need-based criteria, and who also meet the eligibility above, may be able to receive additional assistance. Please see reverse side for complete description.

Please attached materials for complete description.