New York State at High Risk for Brushfires - State Ban On Residential Brush Burning In Effect Through May 14

Andrew J. Lanza

April 18, 2012

Senator Lanza urges all New Yorkers to take extra caution in the coming weeks, as dry weather conditions have increased the likelihood of wildfires across the State. As a result of lower amounts of snow this winter and the lack of substantial rain this spring, the wildfire danger across New York is much higher than usual. Current weather forecasts predict higher-than-average temperatures and substantial winds, elevating the risk to a very high danger. Wildfires can start easily from many types of causes and can spread rapidly and increase quickly in intensity. Currently, there is a state ban on residential brush burning in effect through May 14 and violators of the open burning regulation are subject to both criminal and civil enforcement actions. Lanza urges all Staten Islanders to refrain from starting any type of outdoor fire and to take extra cautions, such as keeping a close eye on the grill when cooking outdoors and making sure cigarettes are completely extinguished.