Prepare Now For A Summer Job As A Pool Lifeguard

Andrew J. Lanza

January 11, 2013

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — When it comes to staying in the swim of things on Staten Island and across the Tri-State region, there’s one pool-management firm that remains a top choice of communities and hotels — The Pool Therapist.

“It’s all about safety,” said owner Stuart Roaker, describing the focus of the Travis-based business he founded in 1987.

One component of keeping pools safe is found in the quality of lifeguards that work for the Pool Therapist. For young people, ages 15 and up, who are seeking summer employment, there may be no better choice of job. And lifeguard training provided by The Pool Therapist is soon to begin.

“All of our lifeguards are American Red Cross certified,” said Roaker. “This job experience is invaluable; and each of our lifeguards utilize the self-confidence and leadership qualities they develop with us and carry it with them throughout their lives. They make us proud.”

The array of essential services provided by The Pool Therapist is huge, as are the many gunite, or cement, pools Roaker has designed and constructed, or oversees.

With safety and client satisfaction at the forefront of every decision he makes, Roaker, a former president of the National Pool Management Association, provides services that cover every conceivable aspect of pool maintenance and management, including the providing of skilled lifeguards.

The main reason clients stick with The Pool Therapist year after year is the extent of commitment provided by Roaker and his highly trained team of 200 or more employees.

All lifeguards employed by The Pool Therapist are American Red Cross-certified; and the firm’s field-supervisory staff is comprised of experienced professionals, who diligently work to ensure that lifeguards and on-site pool managers are at the top of their game.

To find out more about lifeguard opportunities with the Pool Therapist, contact the firm at 718-370-7000, or visit the company online at