Rapid Repairs Staten Island Update & Signup Deadline (December 31)

The deadline for signing up for Rapid Repairs is December 31. 

·         Any homeowner wishing to participate in Rapid Repairs must be registered AND sign the “Right of Entry” form (attached below) by December 31, 2012.  This deadline was established by FEMA.

·         New registrants can call 311, visit an NYC Restoration Center, or visit nyc.gov to register and obtain the “Right of Entry” form. This email can be returned via email, fax, in person or paper mail. Details can be found here. The ROE form is attached.

·         Homeowners who have registered but not yet signed the “Right of Entry” will receive a call from Rapid Repairs with instructions for signing this form. They can also obtain the form from an NYC Restoration Center or on nyc.gov.

Rapid Repairs is working in these Staten Island neighborhoods this week:

·         Parts of Midland Beach and New Dorp Beach:

o   The attached map shows the precise areas marked by letter and number where the Rapid Repairs teams will be working. 

o   This week, teams are working in:

41A, 41B, 41C, 41D, 41E, 41F, 41G, 41H

43A, 43B, 43C, 43D, 43E

·         Rapid Repairs teams are being deployed to concentrated areas of homes that have signed up for the program and are conducting all repairs in those sections at one time.

Rapid Repairs Customer Service:

·         For Homeowners:

o   To find out when Rapid Repairs will be working in your area:

§  Call 311 

§  Visit a NYC Restoration Center 

o   For troubleshooting missed appointments, and questions about repairs currently being made in a home:

§  Call 1-866-210-8084. 

§  Between 8:00AM-5:00PM you will be connected to a Rapid Repairs Customer Service Representative working with your particular contractor.

Other News:

·         Visit DOHMH’s Hurricane Sandy Health Portal for information on health issues associated with living in flood-damaged areas and around large-scale reconstruction, and on resources that are available.