Senator Andrew J. Lanza Calls Port Authority’s Proposed Toll & Fare Hikes Unjustified

The Port Authority today announced that the commuters of Staten Island will once again be punished with higher tolls and fares. It seems ridiculous that we have the same old bridges with the same old problems and now Staten Islanders are being called upon to pay even more after seeing no service improvements.

While the Port Authority claims that the hikes are required based upon the need for capital investments and improvements, I would counter that there seems to be no visible improvements at our three Port Authority bridge crossings. In fact, I contend that the Goethals, Outerbridge and Bayonne Bridges are all in the same state of disrepair as they have been for decades and delays, especially at the Outerbridge crossing, seem more prevalent than ever.

Before the Port Authority raises tolls on these bridges, which are critically important for Staten Islanders, they should disclose more detailed financial records showing with specificity all expenditures which have been made on Staten Island’s three Port Authority Bridges. In the mean time, it seems like nothing more than Staten Island being told to pay more and get less.

When the Legislature returns to Session, I will call upon the Senate Standing Committee on Corporations, Authorities and Commissions to hold hearings on these hikes.