Senator Andrew Lanza Faces Off WITH Ma Senator on Super Bowl Sunday

Andrew J. Lanza

February 03, 2012

Just in time for Sunday’s big game, New York State Senator Andrew Lanza (R-Staten Island, NY) and Massachusetts State Senator Richard Ross (R-Wrentham) have entered into a friendly wager over this weekend’s Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.

            Each Senator, confident in their team’s ability to take home the win, has offered a culinary sampling that truly represents their local traditions. Senator Lanza has wagered 46 delicious Italian pastries – a true Staten Island delicacy, while Senator Ross will offer a New England Feast from Legal Sea Food, which includes lobster, clam chowder and Boston Crème Pie.

            “It was a pleasure to make a wager with Senator Lanza on what I know will be a thrilling game between the Patriots and the Giants,” said Senator Ross. “I will relish with delight the pastries he will be serving me after the game, just as I’m sure I will enjoy the lobster dinner and Boston Crème Pie that he would have enjoyed should the Giants had prevailed.”

            “The Giants vs. Patriots game this Sunday promises to be one of the best Super Bowl games ever,” said Senator Lanza. “I’m very much looking forward to enjoying that New England dinner from my good friend from Massachusetts, Senator Richard J. Ross.”

            The two senators are each looking forward to celebrating this Sunday and cheering on their team to victory. Stay tuned to find out whether Senator Lanza or Senator Ross will be enjoying a delicious prize next week!

 “GO GIANTS!” Lanza concluded.