Senator Andrew Lanza Opposes School Bus Service Cuts for 7th and 8th Grade Students

Andrew J. Lanza

June 03, 2010

Senator Lanza is outraged by the city's decision to eliminate yellow school bus service to seventh and eighth grade students. This plan would cut service to nearly 3,000 students that live on Staten Island, attending 11 public schools and 36 private and Catholic schools.

This cut would hit Staten Island harder than any other borough, as children live further away from school, on average, than any other children in New York City.  Furthermore, Staten Island has fewer public transportation options, sidewalks and traffic signals, leaving our children at greater risk in the absence of bus service.

Senator Lanza has been working to address this issue since 2007. One of the first pieces of legislation he crafted as a State Senator was Senate Bill S.2994 which would require the  Department of Education to provide school bus service for Staten Island’s students in grades K through 6, who live 1/2 mile or more away.  In 2010, Lanza expanded the legislation to include 7th and 8th grade students who live more than 1 mile from school. Lanza sponsors the bill, S.7059, along with Assemblywoman Hyer-Spencer. He has requested the bill out of the Senate Education Committee and is working to see that it passes.

If you agree with Senator Lanza, and would like to join his fight to ensure students have adequate bus service, click here.