Senator Flanagan Announces Key Leadership and Committee Assignments For Incoming Minority

Andrew J. Lanza

January 07, 2019

New York State Senator John J. Flanagan, the incoming Minority Leader, today announced the following key leadership and committee assignments

Leadership Assignments:
Deputy Minority Leader:  Griffo
Ranking Member of the Finance Committee:  Seward
Chair of the Senate Minority Conference:  LaValle
Minority Whip:  Lanza
Assistant Minority Leader for Policy and Administration: Little
Assistant Minority Leader for Conference Operations:  Young
Assistant Minority Leader for Floor Operations:  Gallivan
Vice Chair of the Senate Minority Conference:  Ranzenhofer
Secretary of the Senate Minority Conference:  Ritchie
Assistant Minority Whip: Robach

Committee Ranking Members:
Rules:  Flanagan
Judiciary:  O’Mara
Education:  Little
Health:  Gallivan
Transportation:  Robach
Codes:  Lanza
Labor:  Lanza
Banks:  Antonacci
Higher Education:  LaValle
Insurance:  Ranzenhofer
Environmental Conservation:  Boyle
Housing, Construction, and Community Development:  Amedore 
Veterans, Homeland Security, and Military Affairs:  Ortt
Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business:  Helming
Energy and Telecommunications:  Ritchie
Agriculture:  Ortt
Aging:  Serino
Alcoholism and Drug Abuse:  Akshar
Children and Families:  Tedisco
Cities:  Lanza
Civil Service and Pensions:  Funke
Consumer Protection:  Tedisco
Corporations, Authorities, and Commissions:  Boyle
Crime Victims, Crime, and Corrections:  Akshar
Cultural Affairs and Tourism:  Funke
Elections:  Young
Ethics and Internal Governance:  Young
Investigations and Government Operations:  Jacobs
Local Government:  Ritchie
Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities:  Amedore
Racing, Gaming, and Wagering:  Jordan
Social Services:  Serino
Women’s Health Subcommittee:  Little
Revenue and Budget Subcommittee:  Antonacci
New York City Education Subcommittee:  Lanza
Internet and Technology Subcommittee:  Jacobs
Domestic Animal Welfare Subcommittee:  Tedisco
Rural Resources Subcommittee:  Helming
Native American Relations Subcommittee:  Jordan
Libraries Subcommittee:  Ritchie
Administrative Regulation Review Commission:  O’Mara  

“I am very much looking forward to the upcoming legislative session and working with this team to move our agenda forward.  Even though Senate Republicans now make up the Minority of this chamber, our voice on issues important to hardworking middle-class families will be more critical than ever,” Senator Flanagan said.