Senator Lanza Announces Senate Passage of Bill To Expand the Definition of Domestic Violence

Andrew J. Lanza

February 28, 2019

Economic Abuse To Be Recognized as a Form of Domestic Violence

The New York State Senate today unanimously passed Senator Andrew Lanza’s legislation to classify methods of economic abuse as a form of domestic violence. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 94-99% of domestic violence survivors have experienced economic abuse. Furthermore, abusers often use economic abuse as an added barrier to keep the victim from leaving a relationship.

Senator Lanza’s legislation, S2625, adds identity theft, grand larceny and coercion to the list of domestic violence crimes. This legislation is intended to address economic abuse through identify theft, theft of money or property, and intimidation or threats through coercion.

Senator Lanza said, “Domestic violence is an abhorrent crime that erodes the fundamental expectation of safety and security that comes with being at home or around a person of trust. I remain committed to rooting out domestic violence in all of its forms and holding abusers accountable for all of their crimes.”

The legislation awaits a vote in the NY State Assembly.