Senator Lanza Calls for High Speed E-Z Pass Lanes at All New York Toll Booths

Andrew J. Lanza

May 21, 2009

Senator Andrew Lanza has introduced legislation, Senate Bill S.5095, which would require the New York State Thruway Authority and the Metropolitan Transit Authority to establish at least one high speed lane at all toll booths in New York State for E-Z Pass use. 
               Calling it good for the environment, Lanza’s legislation which will save time, reduce pollution and conserve fossil fuel. 
               High speed E-Z pass technology would allow E-Z Pass holders to pass through toll booths at speeds of 55 and 60 mph. Presently drivers are required to slow from around 60 mph to a virtual stop and then accelerate back up to the 60 mph cruising speed. Lanza states, “This results in excessive and unnecessary pollution, the wasteful burning of more fossil fuel and the loss of time and convenience for motorists.” 
               “By reducing pollution and greenhouse emissions we will not only help the environment and save fuel, but also improve air quality which will yield health benefits,” said Lanza.
               Senator Lanza also highlighted the fact that this legislation will reduce traffic and congestion and save money for drivers as they use less gas.


The bill is carried by Matthew Titone in the Assembly who said, “This bill seeks to reduce the amount of harmful emissions released into our air from vehicles idling, while at the same time saving drivers’ time.”