Senator Lanza Urges HHC to undo their snub to Staten Island and hold Great American Smokeout event in the forgotten borough

Andrew J. Lanza

December 09, 2010

Senator Lanza wrote the following letter to HHC urging them to hold Great American Smokeout event in Staten Island:

December 4, 2010



Alan D. Aviles, President

NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation

125 Worth Street

New York, NY 10013


Dear Mr. Aviles:


            I read with disappointment the November 19th article in the Staten Island Advance titled: “Great American Smokeout Snub.”


            HHC participated in the Great American Smokeout at part of a nationwide effort to educate New Yorkers about the importance of quitting smoking. Information booths were set up to help smokers quit in every borough -- except for Staten Island.


            I was very disappointed that Staten Island was left out. You missed the opportunity to reach thousands of smokers here on Staten Island, which has the highest smoking rate of the five boroughs. Citywide programs like this should be extended to all boroughs, and especially to the borough  most in need. This omission by HHC is both inexplicable and inexcusable. Once again HHC has excluded the more than one half million  people of Staten Island in carrying out their  mission to serve the health needs of the entire city. This is really getting old. It deserves repeating that Staten Island is the only borough in which HHC does not provide a public health hospital -- all the more reason that HHC should in fact consider Staten Island first when providing services like this.


            I’m calling upon you to undo this slight and immediately schedule a similar event for Staten Island. I am glad to join you in either sponsoring or supporting such a program in partnership with you. I ask that you respond to my office expeditiously.





                                                                       ANDREW J. LANZA

                                                                       Senator, 24th Dist.