Senator Lanza's Statement on Mta Service Cuts

Disappointment does not begin to describe the way I feel about the MTA’s decision to further cut transportation services on Staten Island. This is a betrayal of the people of Staten who are already underserved. 

While the MTA is fully aware that they have never met their obligation to provide even the basic service to Staten Island, they have nevertheless decided to further cut the bus services people depend on. They are particularly disingenuous in their statements as they try to portray their actions as something other than cuts. For instance, they say they have preserved the X1 bus route when in reality they have shortened the route so that it will only go to 23rd Street in Manhattan. That is like shortening the ferry ride so that it only goes to the middle of the harbor and then saying it is not a cut.

I am outraged that at the end of the day the MTA once again punished the riders of Staten Island. I will continue to fight them on these cuts.

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