State Legislature has pushed middle class Staten Island residents to the breaking point

Andrew J. Lanza

July 07, 2009

In just 6 short months, the State Legislature in Albany has pushed middle class Staten Island residents to the breaking point.

In six months they:

·         Imposed almost $4,000 in new taxes on middle class families

·         Taxed your utility bill

·         Approved higher income taxes

·         Increased spending by $12 billion

·         Failed to pass the effective School Governance/Mayoral control bill

·         Passed a disastrous MTA plan that hikes fares and taxes jobs throughout New York City

·         Eliminated nearly $200 million in property tax savings for New York City residents

·         Passed criminal-friendly laws, including one that prevents day care centers and schools from reviewing the criminal backgrounds of convicted felons who apply for jobs

I voted against every one of these proposals.

It’s time for Staten Island families to say “Enough is Enough!”  We need true bi-partisan leadership in Albany to stand up and protect hardworking families from an out-of-control State government.

I recently helped to enact historic new reforms that will provide New York residents with a more open, transparent State government that is more accountable to hardworking taxpayers like you. Moving forward, I will continue fighting to reverse the tremendous damage of the past six months.

I will also continue leading the fight for Staten Island, and will work tirelessly to reduce taxes, cut unnecessary spending, continue to improve education and create quality jobs.