Statement by Senator Andrew J. Lanza on Msnbc’s Chris Matthew’s Hurricane Sandy Comments

Andrew J. Lanza

November 07, 2012

"MSNBC's Chris Matthews, while gloating over President Obama's victory, actually reveled in and expressed thanks that the Hurricane Sandy disaster helped President Obama secure his victory,” said Senator Andrew Lanza. “This is reminiscent of Rahm Emanuel's past comment suggesting that disasters should be exploited for political gain. Let's keep in mind that there are 23 Staten Islanders who lost their lives during the storm, many more who were killed elsewhere and even thousands more who have been displaced from their homes and face a difficult and uncertain future. It is insensitive, distasteful and wrong, to say the least, that an MSNBC commentator would politicize a national tragedy like Hurricane Sandy.  Rather, Mr. Matthews and MSNBC should use their presence, power and the millions of dollars in profits they rake in every month in order to assist with the recovery efforts and to help the victims of this storm -- one of the worst the country has ever seen. Mr. Matthews should learn from the example of his colleague, Lawrence O'Donnell, who presented a piece about Staten Island which showed the true nature of the incredible people who live here and also the power that journalists have when they demonstrate professionalism, intelligence and compassion. Politicizing this tragedy is the height of callousness. The people of Staten Island deserve an apology from Mr. Matthews and the network.”

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