There Ought To Be A Law Contest

Andrew J. Lanza

November 04, 2019

Great event with 5th grade students who submitted impressive suggestions for my annual "There Ought To Be A Law" contest! Thank you to the teachers who engaged their students for this year's program. View pictures at


Miraj Islamic School

Talia Ba


Heidi Ghannoum

Our Lady of Good Counsel

Sofia Barnes


Daniel Boylan

Our Lady Star of the Sea

Carlee DiDonna


Jordan Amodio

PS 1

Jake Caropolo


Christian Suarato

PS 3

Demiana Apatov


Alivia Picciallo


Mia LaRosa

PS 5

Giavanna Vallone

PS 11

Ariella Pagan


Drita Ame


Muhammad Hamza

PS 16

Avril Garcia


Sirena Cameron

PS 19

Derick Garcia


David DeJesus


Louis Medina

PS 29

Olivier Toussaint


Aiden Flores

PS 31

Sanai Stanley


Kievon Ferguson



PS 36

Sydney Alesi


Marco Gaglio


Chloe Tempest

PS 48

Robert Mitenberg


Landen Viner

PS 53

Ariela Fuentes


Kirolos Dimian

PS 54

Joanna Liu


Laiba Imran

PS 55

Christopher Perez

PS 56

Anna Levine


Giovanni Marinaro

Staten Island Academy

Jack Ponce


Rami Rifi

St. Clare School

Lucy Rex (moved to FL)


Sophia DiStefano

St. Patrick's School

Matthew Galante


Catherine Puleo

St. Rita School

Alyssa Andes


There Ought To Be A Law - 2019