Senator Anna Kaplan Blasts Latest Vile, Antisemitic Hate Flyer Disseminated in a Long Island Community

Kaplan speaks out after flyer replete with antisemitic tropes was distributed in the Five Towns area of Nassau County

CARLE PLACE, NY (August 14, 2022) -- For the third time in less than a month, the extremist, antisemitic hate group calling itself the "Goyim Defense League" has disseminated yet another shockingly antisemitic, hate-filled flyer in a Long Island community in an effort to terrorize and intimidate local residents. The string of events, this time striking the Five Towns, home to a large and thriving Jewish community, comes just a few months after the racist, neo-fascist 'Proud Boys' paraded through another Nassau County community, in an incident Senator Anna M. Kaplan (D-North Hills) decried as "nothing more than a modern-day Klan march happening in our community."

Senator Anna M. Kaplan said "I will continue to speak out whenever this vile filth is found in our communities, because we cannot remain silent in the face of extremists who are trying to poison our community with their repulsive rhetoric. This latest antisemitic trash is just another example of the rampant antisemitism and hate being peddled by far-right extremists on Long Island, and we must remain united as a community in standing against these shameful groups and their un-American beliefs. I'm grateful that our Nassau County Police and other local law enforcement have been treating these incidents with the seriousness they deserve, because we all know that the intention of these cowards is to threaten and intimidate Nassau County residents. Our law enforcement have my full support in their investigation, and I thank them for their efforts to keep us safe every day."