On Veteran's Day, Governor Hochul Signs Kaplan's Legislation Creating Advisory Group To Support Women Veterans

The legislation was part of a larger package of bills that were signed today protecting and supporting Veterans and their families

CARLE PLACE, NY (November 11, 2021) - Today, Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation sponsored by State Senator Anna M. Kaplan (D-North Hills) and Assemblymember Monica P. Wallace (D-Lancaster), S.701a/A.1140, that creates a Women Veterans Advisory Committee to support and assist the Division of Veterans' Services in locating, educating, and advocating for all women Veterans in the State of New York. The bill was signed along with a full legislative package to support and protect Veterans and their families (read more).

"Our active service members and veterans have served a high calling to protect our democracy and freedoms, and now it is our turn to support them and their families," Governor Hochul said. "By signing these bills into law today, we are taking steps to ensure veterans and active duty military members have the benefits and resources they need, and the flexibility their circumstances require, to best take care of themselves and their families. New York's veterans stood up for us, and we will continue to stand by them."

Senator Anna M. Kaplan said “women who serve our country in the Armed Forces have earned more than just the admiration of a grateful community, they’ve earned the right to access programs and services that support them when they come home. Too often, women Veterans face barriers in accessing the services available to them, and we need to do better as a government when it comes to serving all of our heroes. I’m proud to have sponsored legislation creating New York’s first formal Women Veterans Advisory Committee to support and advocate for women Veterans across the State, and I’m grateful to Governor Kathy Hochul for signing it into law and ensuring none of our Veterans fall through the cracks.”

Assemblymember Monica Wallace said, "Today, women account for about one in six service members, and nearly two million women have served our nation with honor and distinction. We owe it to them to help identify and address the challenges these brave heroes face upon returning to civilian life. This committee will ensure that veterans programs and services in New York meet the unique needs faced by women who have answered the call. I thank Governor Hochul for signing this vital legislation, and as always, I thank the courageous women and men who have selflessly put their lives on the line to defend our nation."

The legislation, S.701a/A.1140,

  • Creates the women Veterans advisory committee whose purpose will be to support and assist the Division of Veterans' Services in locating, educating, and advocating for all women Veterans in the State of New York. The committee will be comprised of 12 members: six to be appointed by the Governor, two to be appointed by the Temporary President of the Senate, two by the Speaker of the Assembly, one by the Senate Minority Leader, and one by the Assembly Minority Leader. Appointees must be women Veterans of any branch, including the Reserves, who were honorably discharged or have a qualifying condition.

The new law takes effect immediately.