Senator Thompson Congratulates Members Of Advisory Board. "Developed to determine the scope of the proposed 'Bathtub Cover' Project."

Antoine M Thompson

August 12, 2009

For Immediate Release: August 11, 2009
Contact:  Heather Zeisz | | 716.854.8705

Buffalo, NY – New York State Senator Antoine M. Thompson (D-Parts of Erie & Niagara Counties) would like to congratulate all representatives appointed to the Kensington Study Advisory Board.  Each representative has been appointed by an area elected official to provide for a variety of suggestions.

The Advisory Board members are Clarke Eaton, Jr., Cornelius Johnson, Jr., Mark Mortenson, Stephanie Barber, Richard Cummings, Sr., Richard Cummings, Jr., Lumon Ross, Oswaldo Mestre, David Stieglitz, John Dudek, Mary Winn, Clifford Bell, Catherine Massey, Rev. Ronald Sajdak, Kim German and Tiffany Smith.  Each member was individually appointed by Senator Thompson, Assembly member Crystal Peoples, Councilmember Brian Davis and Councilmember Demone Smith.

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to get community, legislative, residential, and technical input regarding the scope, length and run of the “Bathtub Cover” Project (the covering for the portion of the Kensington Expressway/MLK Expressway/ Rte. 33 Expressway which runs  adjacent to Humboldt Pkwy, from East Ferry Street to Best Street).

Several officials and State Agencies are involved in this project; they include the Department of Transportation (DOT), Senator Antoine Thompson, Assembly member Crystal Peoples, Councilmember’s Demone Smith and Brian Davis.  Other agencies involved are the Buffalo Museum of Science, Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, Hamlin Park Taxpayers Association, Citizen’s Alliance and the Black Chamber of Commerce.

This project will reconnect and revitalize the Humboldt Pkwy neighborhood, reduce high levels of harmful emissions from cars in the neighborhood and balance the original vision of Fredrick Law Olmstead with modern day transportation needs.