Senator Thompson Denounces Critic

Antoine M Thompson

November 17, 2009

For Immediate Release: November 16, 2009
Contact: Heather Zeisz | | 716.854.8705

Buffalo, NY- New York State Senator Antoine M. Thompson (D-Parts of Erie & Niagara Counties) speaks out about how he is and always has been an advocate for toll removal.

Senator Thompson is an advocate for the removal of the Grand Island tolls and has introduced legislation to the Senate every year since he took office.  Requests were also made to former Governor Eliot Spitzer in regards to the removal and continuing conversation with the Thruway Authority developing ideas and proposals on how to move forward with elimination of the tolls.

Also, as Chair of the Environmental Conservation Committee, Senator Thompson is in favor of removal of the Grand Island tolls because of the health risks that they pose to area residents due to chemicals from idling cars.  After the Minnesota bridge collapse, Thompson pushed for emergency reviews of the structural integrity of all four Grand Island bridges and others throughout the district.

To set the record straight, Senator Thompson has critics that believe we are against the removal of the Grand Island toll booths but this is not the case.  This person is opportunistic and trying to use the media to glamorize the idea that Senator Thompson is against the removal of these tolls.