Senator Thompson Secures $300,000 In Funding For NACC

Antoine M Thompson

July 22, 2009

For Immediate Release
Contact: Heather Zeisz | | 716.854.8705

Niagara Falls, NY – NYS Senator Antoine M. Thompson (D-Parts of Erie & Niagara Counties) held a press event on Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 3:00 pm on the front steps of the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center (NACC).   The NACC is located at 1201 Pine Avenue in Niagara Falls.

 “I’m proud to be able to secure this funding for the NACC,” stated Senator Thompson. “Buffalo and Niagara Falls are known for their prominent cultural arts communities; I will continue to do everything I can do to further advance arts and culture.”

The press conference was held today to announce a NYS grant that was secured by Senator Thompson for the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center in the amount of $300,000.   The funding will be used for capital projects that will further restore this landmark building.  

"The NACC is very grateful that Senator Thompson has always recognized our need for additional capital funding to enhance this facility's ability to serve the children and adults in our community.   We are proud to be able to continue this process through his efforts," said Louis E. Townsend, Treasurer and CFO of NACC.

The funding secured by Senator Thompson will go a long way toward capital projects outlined by the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center Board of Directors' Strategic Plan.   Two projects in particular include the restoration of the Historic Signature Staircase that enhances the landmark building's facade and the Grand Theater.

"Historic restoration always comes at a price - recognition, dedication, and financial support.  Senator Thompson has recognized the importance of the City's greatest landmark building - where people with a vision have dedicated themselves to its restoration.  With capital funding dollars, the NACC can move forward to capture, once again, the hearts and the minds of the City as a monument to the past and a beacon to the future," said William Broderick, Esq., Vice President NACC.

In less than three years, the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center has gone from a vision to a vibrant reality.  Today, in its sixth year of operation, the NACC is home to more than seventy-five artists and arts groups - NY State's largest gathering of artists under one roof outside of metro New York.

In addition to its artists in residence, the NACC is also home to two theaters , two art galleries , an i nteractive children's center and a Niagara Falls High School alumni center

The NACC galleries host wide-ranging and ever-changing exhibitions, while their theaters regularly feature a broad variety of musical, theatrical and dance activities.

As an education center, the NACC's role continues to grow.  Many NACC artists regularly offer classes to the public.  Now, as a 21st Century Community Learning Center , the NACC offers a broad array of art, music and dance classes to area middle and high school students both after school and throughout the summer.