Adirondack Community Housing Bill Moving in Legislature

Betty Little

June 20, 2011

     State Senator Betty Little said the Senate is expected to approve legislation today that would encourage affordable housing projects in the Adirondack Park.

     The bill, which was introduced at the request of the Adirondack Park Agency (APA), passed the Assembly yesterday, according to Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward.

     Specifically, the legislation (S.4165a) amends section 802 of the Executive Law  to add a new definition of “community housing,” which would allow up to four dwelling units to be located on one parcel within a moderate intensity use or low intensity use area.

     The units could not exceed 1,500 square feet of floor space, excluding a garage, would need to be located on a contiguous parcel, and limited to primary single family residences for persons with 120 percent or less of the median family income for the county.

     “This legislation provides communities greater flexibility to deal with the very pressing issue of affordable housing,” said Little.  “This is a limited change under the APA Act, but a very important one given the need.  By allowing for some clustering of modest homes on one parcel, it limits sprawl and will keep the price of new homes at a level more people can afford.”

      Affordable housing is scarce in the Adirondack North Country,” said Sayward.  This legislation will go a long way in allowing people to achieve the American dream.  I was pleased to take part in a collaborative effort with the Senator, local officials and the APA to accomplish this important initiative.”

      Once approved by the Senate, the bill will be sent back to the Assembly before being delivered to Governor Andrew Cuomo for his consideration.