FAQ -- What happens to all of the Lottery Revenue?

Betty Little

December 14, 2009

I am frequently asked how much does the New York State Lottery contributesto state education funding. 

Below is a simple breakdown of school funding statewide and the Lottery's impact.

Where Do Schools Get Their Money?

Local Taxes:     46 percent ($22.92 billion)

State Sources:     39 percent ($19.23 billion)
(other than NYS Lottery)

NYS Lottery:     5 percent ($2.36 billion)

Federal Sources:     6 percent ($2.75 billion)

Other local revenue and transfers:     4 percent ($2.18 billion)   


Traditional Lottery Sales Allocation

Of $6.7 billion in Sales:

59 percent payable in Prizes

32 percent payable in Aid to Education

6  percent payable in Retailer Commissions

3  percent payable for Administrative Expenses

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