Little to Serve on Government Efficiency Task Force

Betty Little

March 02, 2010


 Senator Betty Little today announced she will serve on a 12-member, bipartisan senate task force to examine ways to eliminate government waste and address state agency administrative inefficiencies.  The task force will conduct a statewide investigation into state spending practices.

 “Families and businesses deal with financial pressure by shutting off lights, lowering the thermostat, putting off purchases, using coupons and basically doing whatever it takes,” said Little.  “State government has to do more of the same types of things to control costs to save tax dollars.

 “Government performs and provides many important services and programs, but more needs to be done to improve efficiency and ensure that money is not being wasted.  I look forward to working with this task force and finding ways to cut wasteful spending, avoid duplication, and be a more efficient government.”

 Little had previously served on the New York Commission on Local Government Efficiency and Competitiveness which recommended dozens of proposals to increase the cost effectiveness of local government, some of which have been adopted.