New legislative session, new opportunities

Betty Little

January 08, 2014

“A new legislative year is now underway, and I’m looking forward to meeting the challenges and seizing the opportunities to do some meaningful things for my constituents and all New Yorkers.

"The governor in his address pointed to many legislative successes of the past year.  For me, the approval of two constitutional amendments were the highlights knowing how important these measures are to people living and working in the North Country.

“Property taxes will be a focus this year and I will again push my circuit breaker legislation, which seeks to ensure that future tax relief is directed to those most in need based on their income.  I’m very happy to see the governor’s tax reform commission propose their own circuit breaker proposal.  I look forward to learning more details in the proposed budget.

“Strengthening the economy will also be a priority for me as well as my upstate colleagues.  I’d like to see more done to help the businesses already here, folks who are loyal to their communities and want nothing more than to succeed financially and create jobs.  Last fall, the Senate Republican conference held public forums around the state and issued a report that calls for streamlining and reducing taxes. Again, it’s a good sign the governor’s commission has already embraced some of what we’ve proposed.

“The ability to offer tax relief and provide funding for services and programs in the state budget will depend on the health of our economy. The more we can do to help those who create revenue, the better for all of New York.

"In the weeks and months ahead, I look forward to meeting with constituents and many advocacy groups who will invest their time and energy lobbying in Albany for their own priorities.  I’m confident we will achieve a lot this year by once again working constructively and finding compromises though good-faith negotiations.”